Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Host

In the coming days I will change my primary blog host too Wordpress. The other blogs that are coming out will be hosted by Blogger. To view my new blog with WordPress visit

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Blogs/Sites

I'm planning to create about 5 new blogs or sites about:

  • Review Central- A blog dedicated to reviews
  • Daily Vista Central- I'll tell about my daily experiences with Vista
  • Alternatives-Conserving Energy and why we should
  • Alternative Sources of fun- Other than watching T.V. going on the computer and playing video-games what should you do---Appropriate
  • Suggested Games and Game Reviews

I'll try to create them by March and sorry about not providing the Viva Pinata review yet. I'm just so busy, playing Viva Pinata. He, he, he, he. My gamertag is microgame in case anybodies intrested.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I'm not sure whether the Iphone was already in 16 gigabytes but anyways if it is'nt, IT IS NOW.

Breaking News: Apple Ipod Touch 32 GIGABYTE

Breaking News, the Apple Ipod Touch 32 gigabyte is now released.

I'm the first guy to find it. Exactly found at 5:49 and posted atabout 5:58. More information on the go, visit soon to find out more. YES, YES, I'm the first to find out. ;)

Update at 6:01: AYY, the 32 gigabyte cost 499.99 . I'm considering the Zune 80 GB now. Hmm. I wonder which is better, the Zune or the Ipod Touch. Hmmmm.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Viva Pinata Video


This gives Microsoft WOW

This video gives Apple a run for it's money. Has Apple ever created something this amazing, if they did, notify me in the comments. You need to see it to believe it. Blogger's acting funny today: AGAIN. I'll post an image later or when BLOGGER stop's acting FUNNY. :)

Viva Pinata Review: Soon to come

I'm soon to bring a review of Viva Pinata. Viva Pinata is a really great game. I recommend that game to all people no matter what age. The game is not a childish game but it is a fun and engaging one. Viva Pinata is rated E for Everyone in case any one of you are wondering. Need proof, look at this image.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Depicted Image of the new Live site after Microsoft buys Yahoo

Don't think I'm a artist, I'm not even close to one. I used lame Windows Paint instead of Photoshop or Expression Studio. And you could see large white spaces between the words. It took me 3 minutes to do this, and by the work I did you can notice that.

Microsoft to eat Yahoo

With Microsoft's plan to buy Yahoo I wonder what will happen if they actually acquire Yahoo. Long has made this neat little chart comparing Microsoft services to Yahoos:
Will Microsoft take Yahoo Mail and transform it to Windows Live Mail Prohoo or Yahoo Messenger to Live Yahoo Messenger. Or will they just buy Yahoo to shut it down and put it in the dungeon. How will Live Search be after, will it be the next the Google. I just have to wait for the future,

My Opinion on the MacBook Air

I think Apple created a crazy machine, without the computer necessities. I'l list some problems with the Mac Book Air.

  • No Optical drive built in: Without a optical drive how am I going to install Apple's next big OS.
  • No Ethernet: What the hell was Apple thinking when they took away the Ethernet port
  • No Firewire: Without those ports how are you going to connect your "digital lifestyle"
  • Battery not removable: If you're battery dies out in the middle of a deserted island and you have a spare battery you could replace, WRONG, not with Apple's laptop Mac Book Air

All you faithful Apple followers I hope I talked some sense in you and if I didn't please don't go flaming in the comments

Games Explorer

I wonder how I'll live without the Games Explorer in Vista. With 12 games in there, I'd never survive them being scattered all over the start menu. While my game collection may look wimpy, by the time it reaches January 2009, I bet I'll have more then 18 games. I'll try to post a picture later of my Games Explorer. Bloggers acting weird today.

Update: I've updated the post with the pic

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Be RED, Be good

Thanks to Microsoft, RED, and Dell when you buy certain Dell PC's you'll be helping needy people. Microsoft will be providing exclusive versions of Vista Ultimate with new sidebar gadgets and more. What I suggest Microsoft to do is to release a special edition of Vista with all the same extras and donate the sales of it to charity. Or Microsoft could release a Microsoft Plus version with all the same benefits as the people who buy the Dell PC get.

Go to the RED site for more info.